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Halkar bin Gizera

Concept and Background: Halkar was born into a minor branch of the House of the Ruchbah. As a young child, his evident intellect lead him to be selected to be sent to the Invisible college for training as a wizard. He studied hard, and after 15 years of dedicated training he qualified as a wizard, and left the college to return ot his family. He was horrified to discover that a house fire had decimated his immediate family. He spoke to some of the few survivors, and discovered that the fire had clearly been set by someone, but that those left alive had no idea who. He swore an oath of vengeance until death against whover was responsible for the fire, and set out to find his family's killers. The Emira of the Ruchbah offered him the support of the house in his quest, if he would serve her as her court wizard, and he accepted the offer.

Merits and Flaws:

  • Superb Intelligence 3dp
  • Master Mage 8dp
  • Sorcerous Lore 5dp
  • Invisible College Member 3dp
  • Ruchbah Family Member 3dp
  • Family Rank 2dp
  • Oath -4dp

These merits and flaws make him a very powerful mage, with 20 points of spells at his command. He also has a superb grasp of the theory behind sorcery, and great knowledge of powers outside his own. He is a member in good standing of the invisible college, and therefore generally trusted by even those most bigoted and opposed to the use of magic to be unstained by the taints of impious magic. He is also a powerful figure within his own family, as one of their greatest wizard, and directly serving the emira. However his oath of vengeance lurks ready to force him to slaughter those who killed his family, whoever they might be.

Kalub bin Hadar

Concept and Background: Born into the a vassal family of the Hadar, it was prophessied at his birth that his sword would save his Emira. The emira of the Hadar came to here of this, and took him into her personal service as a bodyguard. He has received the finest weapons training, and is one of the emira's most trusted retainers. However, he has fallen in love with the emira's eldest daughter.

Merits and Flaws:

  • Superb Agility 3dp
  • Good Strength 2dp
  • Good Toughness 2dp
  • Personal Heroism 5dp
  • Loyal Associate of the Hadar 2dp
  • True love GM choice -1dp
  • True Prophecy 2dp
  • Fame 2dp
  • Fate 3dp

He is extremely fit, and one of the finest warriors in the Caliphate. He is famous far and wide for his skill as a warrior, and additionally renown within the Hadar as the one who will save their Emira. However he has bestowed his heart most foolishly on one who can never return his love. His star is rising, however, and in the City of Shalazar all things may come to pass.