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Here you can find information on the world surrounding Shalazar itself. While not as magnificent as the Empire of the Calipha, of course, no corner of the world is without its wonders--and indeed, those who have gone beyond the edge of the known world have recorded things beyond all imagining.

First, you should check out our maps, including maps of Shalazar, the surrounding cities, and the edges of the known world.

There are twenty four city-states that surround Shalazar, and belong to the Caliphate. These were founded when the first Calipha sent forth her Generals to subdue the barbarians. Even further away lie the Hinterlands, areas far from the domain of the Calipha.

When one goes beyond the lands of the Calipha, and the pass the burning wastes and the Hinterlands, some say one comes to the land of the Stars, and here, set into the sky, it is said that the workings of Shaliq's creation may be understood.