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The Court of the Calipha
Abdul al Hadar, Chamberlain to the Grand vizier
(Graham Hood)
Abdul has enjoyed an almost meteoric rise over the last few years, marrying into a small branch of the Hadar family, it was obvious why they would want him, his impressive good looks as well as his skills as a warrior, it was only natural he would attract interest from Hadar women. He has also become chamberlain to the Grand Vizier and is already making an impact at court, some would say he was born under a lucky star. He is a source of sound advice and many people talk to him, not just the Grand Vizier. He always seems to make time to listen to people and offer help in any way he can.
Sedr al Ash Kenz, Royal Physicial
(Sophie Kallin)
The Calipha's Chief Physicial, she spent many years training in the art of medical practice in the Ash Kenz House, although she is no longer affiliated with the House due to her increased rank in the Calipha's Court. She has not spent long practicing medicine and is still relatively inexperienced.
The Bountiful Family of the Jerezad
Baten Kaitos al Jerezad
(Dominic Ketley)
A particularly wealthy trader who is married to the head of one of the major branches of the Jerezad.

You will all have heard many tales about the mysterious depths of the jungles of Punt. Of strange and wonderful potions, of dragon feathers, and of tribes of child eaters. Some of the tales told are false, some are told by me. Discover for yourself and join me so that we may mount an expedition to return to Punt, and bring back many of the strange wonders that appear in Punt for the benefit of all our people!

Old Man Bookwala
(Arthur Boff)
Old Man Bookwala is quite, quite ancient - well into his 80s. A trader all his working life, he married into the minor Bookwala branch of the Jerezad family after rescuing its heir from a tribe from the southern wastes. In his prime, he was something of a hero, and so was always getting into scrapes such as the one above. A decade or two ago, his daughter was murdered by bandits and his wife died of grief, and since then he has been retired (his granddaughter is now the head of the Bookwala branch) from both adventuring and business. He is often seen in the Grand Bazaar, manning the family stall for his daughter and telling stories, both of his past exploits and other tales that he has gathered from across the world. There are few storytellers who know more stories than he. He is also known to be a great source of trading lore and knowhow, though some of this may be slightly out of date.
Yamha Bookwala
(Natalie Watkins)
Old Man Bookwala's granddaughter, an intelligent young woman who heads one of the minor branches of the Jerezad. She has been known to have visions, with a reputation for true prophecy...
The Mighty Family of the Hadar
Omar bin Jabbar Al Hadar
(Mark Booth)
Omar was the first son of a mighty Hadar warrior. With more brains than brawn, he eschewed the life of the warrior to become an explorer and an expert on the Lore of the Djinn. He is always interested in joining in explorations and will talk for hours about anything related to genies.
The Frugal Family of the Ruchbah
Johanz al Ruchbah
(Ben Mann)
A sorcerer of power and intelligence, though his position within the family is not one of great political importance. Has been behaving rather oddly very recently.
The Devout Family of the Yildun
Waleed Al Din
(Stuart Jenkins)
A pilgrim from Asalah in the far east of the Caliphate. As a devout member of House Yildun, he is interested in seeing for himself if the great city of Shalazar lives up to the rumours he has heard.
The Honourable Family of the Zaniah, and Their Male Moneylenders
Majid al Zaniah
(Richard Pigott)
Majid is a skilled mage-smith from Marinia, who has recently relocated to Shalazar following the sack of his home city by the Hadar. He can produce ingenious magical weaponry upon request, and lend money at extremely reasonable rates. He also has one of the pointiest beards in the whole of the city.
The Generous Family of the Fesk
Ahmed al Smarmy
(Matt Nesbit)
Would you buy a used carpet from this man?
The Ingenious Family of the Izar
Salim al Hadeera
(Jacob Malone)
Salim of Al Hadeera has been steward for three years following a meteoric rise to power. He is a fearsome warrior with giant mechanical claws for hands and wears a permanent full face helm; souveniers from a life of battle. His age is uncertain, and he speaks little of his life, save the present. Rumour suggests Salim is in love with the Emira of the Izar, although few speak of this out loud, and certainly not to his face.
The Scholarly Family of the Ash-Kenz
Al-Ouph Al-Ash-Kenz
(Alastair Wilson)
A young and ambitious academic, respected as a minor authority on the lore of Shaliq. He's studied the charts and stars at length in an attempt to discover what the world is really made of and how it all works. There aren't many things he hasn't heard of.
Faliq al Ash-kenz
( John Reynolds)
Faliq al Ash-kenz is a now slightly elderly academic of house Ash-kenz. He is a member of the Visible College and an expert on divination, prophecy and the history of Shalazar.
The Invisible College
(Aileen Robertson)
A powerful and trusted wizard of the Invisible College.
The Visible College
Mages Outside the Great Families
(Hanbury Hampden-Turner)
Al-Daquar is an attractive, ernest young man, with a fondess for theology, and a great talent for magic. Only recently arrived in Shalezaar, he is keen to make his way in the world, and rarely looks a gift horse in the mouth. Has a great liking for theories and plans that are both direct and simple, yet somehow not very straightforward.
Foreigners, Outcasts, and Those of No Lineage
Description to come
Sousserah the Uninterruptible
(Frances Hardinge)
A small time trader with an extraordinary chance of finding better-than-average things, and a better than average chance of finding extraordinary things.
Captain Draqhim Kaloraan
(Josh Fox)
Captain Draqhim Kaloraan is a highly skilled warrior, adventurer and tactician, who has travelled far and wide and done a great many impressive deeds. He is the leader of a small (500 men) but elite mercenary army, the Company of the Black Serpent, who are available for hire. There are rumours that he was once of the Hadar family, but it is not spoken of openly...
(Kavitha Kishen)
A lady with a reputation as one of the fastest couriers, messengers, or guides around. Among those in the know in Shalazar, her flying carpet is legendary.
Mother Oedeis
(Caroline Pearson)
Ancient and ugly palm reader, often seen frequenting the bazaars, or exchanging tales with the traders. Claims to have spent many years with the Horse Barbarians, and to have been born far from Shalazar.
The Beggar King
(Daniel Hemmens)
The King of the Beggars
Abd al-Malik
(Nicholas Wrightson)
A tall, slim and dark man with an inward focus about him. He is most easily recognised by his insistent questions, and the meticulousness with which he records the answers. That and the fact that he carries a large, leather bound book on a heavy iron chain, which passes around a loop in his belt for security. His attire is otherwise refined black cloth, with a distinctive circlets of cold iron around each wrist. He likes to think of himself as 'a man of sharp eye and keen tongue', and rumour has it that he occasionally nods and mutters to himself while reading from his magnum opus, almost as though he is not the sole contributor. Affiliation is unclear, but he is known for his seemingly limitless access to written information.
(Chris Venus)
Young street kid who is often seen darting in and out of various marketplaces across the city. Always ready to be helpful to those that need his help.
(Eli Meyer)
Khalid hails from the western isles, though his skin is oddly untanned. He says that he was born in Shalazar, but lost his family long ago; his home now is with his mistress, a powerful (but anonymous) sorceress living far along the archipelago.