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The Golden Age

And thus the Golden Age, the age of the first ten Caliphas, began, and the city of Shalazar flourished. Other kingdoms came to pay fealty to the Calipha, even if they did not fully adopt the ways of Shaliq, and Her wisdom was taught wherever the sands of the Great Desert did stretch.

The Calipha's court prospered, and Great Families traced their lineage through the women of their clans. The Caliphas gathered around them Viziers and Generals, Advisors and Priestesses, and men and women of great learning. Man began to re-learn his inheritance, and again commanded elements and beasts, bound the Djinn to servitude, and read their futures in the stars. Some even tampered with the dead, although the practice was frowned upon and its practitioners burned.

To support the books and lore of the learned men, the Academy Invisible was constructed; and while many women took to the Temple to gain wisdom and the favour of Shaliq, men of wisdom came to make the Academy their home.

In the reign of the Sixth Calipha, a great and wise Priestess came to govern the Temple. But in her old age she quit the Temple and handed her authority to her wisest assistant. In her declining years, this priestess, who took the retired name of Kaleb-nar, planted a garden of especial potency. An order of initiates formed around her, and in the following years they founded a hospital and retreat, still famous for its restorative properties.

Over time, many other men of acumen created other organizations and buildings. The fame of Shalazar spread without limit, and men from all lands came to the city to wonder and to learn, to trade and to teach. These travellers began to meet in the Bazaar, on the west of the city-which to this day stands as the greatest centre of trade and commerce on the whole known earth.