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Great Family Standing

"Ah, now sonny-boy, you ask who you should marry? Well, no soothsaying will tell you better than this: marry for family. Each family sits under a star, and some be waning, and some be waxing."

Mistress Vulpecula, Astrologer

Though Great Families have extraordinary amounts of temporal and religious power, this power can increase or decrease over time. In Shalazar: Gathering of Storms, this change will be tracked on a turn-by-turn basis through the standing of each Great Family.

At the beginning of each turn, generally at the end of the news, the relative strength of each Family will be given in a chart. Actions (principally those of the PCs) will cause the relative standing of a Great Family to rise or fall according to their success or failure.

Relative standings will most significantly affect those employing their Influence stats on their turnsheets. Families that have strong or rising standing will be more helpful to those with Influence; families whose power is declining will be more concerned with saving themselves than helping others...