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Sample Characters

Wise Merchant - Makesh al Bookwala

An elder merchant in the house of the Bookwala, Makesh long ago gave up travelling on caravans himself, instead choosing to remain in the city while others guide his camels to far-flung foreign lands. Nonetheless, he knows much of the lands to the North and the islands to the West. A widower since his wife passed away a decade ago, his main aim in life is to arrange his daughter Anya (a maid of fourteen) a suitable marriage.

Merits and Flaws:

  • Strength 1
  • Toughness 1
  • Intelligence 2
  • Charm 2
  • Wealth 3
  • Great family rank 3 (free 3 points of influence witin the Bookwala)
  • 1 point influence in the Bookwala (4 in total)
  • 2 points of influence in the Jerezad (cost of 4 points)
  • A trusty faithful servant (1 point)
  • Far Traveller (2 points)
  • Trade lore 4 (4 points)
  • Fate 3 points
  • Lost love (wife) -2 dp

These stats would make for a significant, if not overly powerful, political character, particularly one who would be involved in foreign affairs, interfering with caravans, or other machinations. The fact that Makesh has influence in both the Jerezad and Bookwala (who are frequently at each others throats) suggest he might be called upon as a mediator.

Powerful Wizard - Chara al'Galvarn

Chara was born the third daughter of a vassal family of the Fesk. As a young girl she showed a curious an enquiring mind, and her family sent her to the Invisible college. When she emerged as a skilled sorceror her parents hoped they could use her magical skill in some way to further their business interests. However, Chara had no desire to be involved in the slightly less than legitimate pursuits that she knew her family to be involved in and decided instead to throw herself into her magic.

Merits and Flaws:

  • Agility 2
  • Intelligence 3
  • Charm 1
  • Sorceror 5 (10 points)
  • Great family rank 1 (free 1 point of influence within the Fesk)
  • -1 point of influence in the Fesk (none in total)
  • Invisible college member (3 points)
  • Sorcerous lore 5 (5 points)
  • Fame: Precocious and talented wizard (2 points)
  • Known sorceror -1

Chara is a significantly powerful sorcerer, and her membership in the Invisible College would make it considerably easier to conduct magical research than most other PCs. However, even with her membership in the college she will be distrusted in the world outside. Although she is a member of the Fesk, she has divorced herself from the family, and will likely be unable to draw upon their resources.