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Trade and Economy - Price List

In order to help out those who will be trading in Shalazar, the GMs have prepared the following price list. For reference, one dinar is about enough to feed one man for one day; there are 100 sheckels in a dinar.
1 loaf of bread 25 sheckels
1 round of cheese 50 sheckels
joint of bacon 50 sheckels
hire of a carpet for a short journey 1 dinar
hire of a carpet for a longer journey 3 dinar
hire of a rickshaw 50 sheckels
suit of new clothes 10 dinar
suite of good new clothes 30 dinar
suit of exceptional clothes/court costume 50 dinar
coffee in a coffee house 20 sheckels
1 night stay in a low-quality inn 5 dinar
dinner in a fine restaurant 10 dinar
1 night stay in a good inn 10 dinar
1 night stay in an exceptional inn 30 dinar
glass of sherbet 50 sheckels
sword (ordinary quality) 50 dinar
sword (good quality) 75 dinar
horse 100 dinar
donkey 25 dinar
goat 10 dinar
camel 100 dinar
1 hide of land
(one hide is how much land one person can farm)
400 dinar
1-person chariot 150 dinar
flying carpet (short distance) 150 dinar
flying carpet (medium distance) 250 dinar