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Turn 7 News

News of the 5th Day after the Great Cataclysm

The Battle of Shalazar

The city of Shalazar sits under a pall of smoke. Small fires still burn in some areas, and many of the dead still lie in the streets. But the invading barbarians have been driven off, though the cost was high, and the city is back in the hands of its inhabitants. The man who calls himself Omar still sits upon the throne, for it was his sorcery that drove the barbarians from the palace gardens in clouds of burning sands, and his sorcery now drops in slumber any who seek to tear him from the throne. The Grandvizier and the rest of the court huddle in the palace, with the surviving guards surrounding the garden of the throne. They have proclaimed that they are the rightful government until a new and righteous Calipha returns to heal the throne. Outside in the city, the populace who rose against the barbarians with only their bare hands as weapons gather and mourn their dead. Beyond the city, outside where the walls once stood, the barbarian army has decamped to Gazala, but their scouts and outriders still lurk in the desert.

To the North

The barbarians hold Muna and Gazala, and have lain waste to Tharaa and Najaah. Their scouts patrol these lands, and their inhabitants have fled to comparative safety in shanty towns about Shalazar.

To the East

The armies of the Jade Empire advance on Husuz. The Jerezad are fleeing the city, for their armies have been sent away to destroy the Pygmies.

To the South

Pyres of pygmies scatter the jungles, but most of the crusading armies have turned back to defend their own homes. Only those who hold their piety above their hearths remain.

To the West

The silent ocean remains undisturbed, though its level appears to be dropping.