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Turn 14 News

News of the 210th Day of the Shattering

Djinn of Obsidian

The day after the terrible events before the throne, Nadir the slave of the Adversary swooped down into the square before the great temple. He called out to the temple 'Come forth, and swear your loyalty to the Mother of All Men, or be destroyed!' The guards of the temple advanced on him, and the first dozen were cut down by the power of his hideous obsidian claw. Then he pulled a small statue from his robes, and cried out 'Mother, grant me strength!' With that he grew into a 40 foot statue of obsidian. The guards scattered before him, as he stepped forward and tore apart the walls of the temple. Over the screams of priestesses and eunuchs trapped in the rubble, the monstrousity stomped about crushing all beneath it. Finally it stopped, standing above the rubble, and roared out 'PEOPLE OF SHALAZAR, BOW TO THE BLEESSED MOTHER OR THE SAME WILL HAPPEN TO YOUR HOMES.'

Pure Petals Plucked By Pegasus

'You know all those sweet innocent young girls that've been dropping from the sky these past few months?'

'You mean the ones found splattered on the ground with the name and symbol of Shaliq carved into their foreheads? Yes, what about them?'

'Well, I've heard that the Order of Kal'Nayak have arrested Jherin of the Honourable Company of Messagers on suspicion of being the scoundrel behind it all. Somebody saw one of the victims being grabbed from the street last month by a large man on a flying silver horse, and there's only one flying silver horse around that I know of!'

'Oh my! Do they have any proof?'

'Not yet, but I'm sure it's only a matter of time. The Order aren't going to let this lie easily, not with Al Kayam having been targetted like that. So much for the Messager Company's honour!'

All According To Plan

'Don't despair! The Adversary may claim power over us for now, but all is as the visions and prophecies sent to us by Shaliq and Rasheeda have proclaimed! This is Shaliq's final test, that we may prove worthy of Her gaze being returned to the world! Nadir's servitude to darkness will lead us to the light! We need but remain faithful to Shaliq and show our defiance of the Adversary's claims, and all will be put to rights! Fear not, the Adversary may destroy our flesh but Shaliq still watches over our souls! Be stout of heart, pious of prayer and steadfast in faith, for salvation is in sight!'

Elmiyah changes hands in bloodless shocker

[An announcement is proclaimed by the Emira of the Bookwala, Ashira al Ash-Kenz]

'Sisters, here me! The city of Elmiyah, one of troubled history has found itself once again at the centre of quarrels amongst the families of Shalazar. As Emira of the family Bookwala, I ask us all to remember that now, in these dark times, is unity, grace and love between sisters at its most needed. As a gesture of my family's desire to see the unity of the Caliphate over the success of any one family within it, I hereby proclaim that the city of Elmiyah is to be returned to the family of the Jerezad, with all Bookwala military personnel fully withdrawn. We must pull together in these times of need, sisters. Glory be to Shaliq!'

Prophecies of Hope, by Anand al Bookwala

'Yes, citizens! Rejoice! It seems all is not lost! That renowned astrologer, Anand al Bookwala has prophesied that the future looks bright! The stars are with us, once more! Glory be to Shaliq! All is not lost, citizens, it is time to have faith that Shaliq is with us! Praise be to Shaliq!'

Bodyguard reassembles

'I say, old chap, the tunic's a bit tight around the old waistline isn't it!'

'Here, none of your cheek, I may have gotten a little out of shape, we haven't been on active duty in a while. But now the call to arms has gone out, and once more, the great Calipha's bodyguard are reformed!'

'Yes, friend! Under Arkan we will bring glory to Shalazar again! Forward men! Let's go and show this demonic scum exactly what us Shalazarians are made of!'

[With a loud cry of 'Hurrah!' the men move off towards to join their comrades in arms at the palace]

Yildun march on Shalazar

Under the directions of the Vizier of the Yildun, Captain al Kayam of the Order of Khal'Nayak, the armies from each of the Yildun cities has marched from their cities and have begun to gather outside the city of Shalazar. They camp, and wait for further orders, praying for their souls, and sharpening their swords for what they are sure will be a time of great reckoning.

Urchins Sacrificed To Lust

'Oh, it's terrible! The things people do! This latest news, it breaks my poor heart!'

'What's just happened?'

'Those poor little urchins who've been disappearing from the streets, folk say that they're being kidnapped and sacrificed in brothels to the dæmon of lust! There's a whole organised cult out there snatching them and doing horrible things to them, then dumping the bodies in the river! That's probably why the water turned so bad!'

'Is that the same dæemon of lust what turned up at the palace the other week, the one whose dark magicks made General Ghazi and Tovaika Al Hadar run into a closet and spend hours doing unmentionable things to each other? They say the cries and moans could be heard throughout the palace!'

'Yes, the very same. I've heard that that pious young soldier from the Order of Kal'Nayak, Jehzt Al Garisme, had to be dragged bodily from the room before he did something extremely sinful, and has now eunuchated himself in penance so that he can fight her off without succumbing to her evil powers!'

'I hope that helps. Wasn't that dæmon the one who ensorcelled the Grand Vizier and the other Court eunuchs before?'

'Only because she got hold of their male parts, and I'm sure Jhezt will be keeping his parts well guarded.'

'I'm sure he will.'

Barbarian Mourn their Chief

The First Son of the Wolf was struck into dust, without striking a blow in his defence. No one has stepped forward to fill his boots, and all the tribes have chosen their own leaders. Some of the tribes have returned to their homelands, but the tribe of the Wolf and several lesser tribes have stayed encamped near Shalazar. General Ghazi went to them to ask what they were doing, and they have pledged a peace with the lands of the Caliphate, and eternal emnity with the being that struck down their leader.

More conversions among Jadeites

[In the month after the fall of the Demon-worshipping cabal and the death of the Jadite Emperor, there are reports of mass conversions amongst the Jadeite people. Some young women, once the suppressed sex in this society, are even giving thought to becoming Priestesses...]

Samir whisked away from death by Nadir

'Oh my god, no! By Shaliq, what is that young fool doing?! Nadir's right up there, is he mad?!'

'That's that Samir al Fesk of the Honourable Company of Messengers. I heard him yesterday, doing the same thing. Wondering up and down the streets he was claiming we shouldn't be afraid of Nadir, and he is but one abomination, and we should all stand up to him for the salvation of our souls.'

'Well, he's at it again, and he's making quite a show of it too. Oh, by Shaliq! Nadir's seen him! Oh my god, he's going for him! Why isn't Samir running?! Oh no, where did he go? Samir vanished in a ball of fire!'

'Well, that was damn lucky for him wasn't it? Yeah look: Nadir's pulled up and flown off. Phew! These are bloody days indeed!'

Unexplained Volcanic Activity

In the mountains around Shalazar, several unexplained volcanic explosions have occurred, sending rumbling tremors and loud crashes reverberating around the mountain ranges. Travellers have returned to their cities describing some kind of shouting accompanying each blast. The mad ranting is described to have been feminine in voice, and hinting of some cause of great, great frustration. Notably one traveller came back with tales of seeing the Padisha of the Fire Djinn whilst out rambling in the mountains, seeing her walking along the base of volcanic craters, and an eruption accompanying her scream of anger and exasperation. It seems something is troubling the great lady of fire, and a few eyebrows raised when the cause of her frustration is speculated upon.

Samir slays silver horse...

'Dear Shaliq on high! Didn't I tell you what happened last week?! Well, there we were, trying to have a nice romantic candle-lit dinner under the stars, in our favourite bistro, me and the wife. We even had some nice conversation with that nice Jehryn of the Honourable Company of Messengers who was on the table next to us. Then what happens?! Some body falls from the sky, and lands on the ground right in front of our tables! No, not 'somebody', some body! A corpse of a young girl, with scratchings and markings carved into her skin. The wife starts screaming the house down, of course, and everyone's panicking, so we all look up and what do we see? There's this dark figure atop that huge silver flying horse - the one that Jehryn uses. It turns to fly away, and the next thing you know, from out of nowhere, well, a nearby rooftop, that Samir al Fesk leaps into the air and grabs hold of the rider of the horse. He's waving a dagger around, stabbing the rider again and again, and the horse is going beserk, and then they fall out of the sky, behind the bar next door to the restaurant. We all run over to see what's happened, and there's Samir, lying on top of the silver horse, his dagger lodged in its neck! He must;ve broken it or something - but the black-hooded rider was nowhere to be seen! It was well spooky, I'm tellin you! That Jehryn ran off to search for the rider down some back alleys, but never found him. That's dinner entertainment for you!'

Snake men adopted into Hadar

[Under the orders of their leader, Salash, the snake-people, recently declared to have souls by the Council of Seven, have officially declared their loyalty to the family of the Hadar. They have been employed by many of the existing Hadar nobility as retainers to the family, a few are looking to marry into the family in the footsteps of their leader.]

Council of Seven Abolishes Third Way

'Hear this, citizens of Shalazar! The Council of Seven hearby declare that any priestess who so takes it upon herself to commit the cardinal sin of suicide, will be stripped of their priestesshood and treated as the sinners they are. Those following the so-called Third Way are hereby ordered to renounce this sinful path, and return to the temple to begin their penance. Glory be to Shaliq! The life she gave us is sacred: so is her word, and so it shall be!'

Merina al Hadar swears allegiance to the Adversary

'What? This can't be true!'

'But true it is! Merina of Usk, third daughter of the third husband of the old Hadar Emira, knelt in a public square and proclaimed her loyalty, and that of the city, to the Adversary!'

'But... but...'

'The Emira will have her banished, of course, but her city has not been touched by evil these past weeks... others will flock to her cause. Doom, doom....'

Brothels cleaned out by Bookwala Guards

In a series of well planned dawn and nightly raids, several properties are raided by Emira Ashira al Ash-Kenz and her Bookwala guards, assisted by Samir al Fesk of the Honourable Company of Messengers. Together they expose several underground brothels in a variety of areas over the city. As the occupants of the brothels are led out, gathered crowds are shocked and appalled to see a number of children, some barely able to walk after their ordeal, as well as numerous women and men of a variety of ages, in iron manicles blinking and crying as they enter the sunlight for the first time in weeks. The captives are soon freed from their chains and taken to safe houses in the Bookwala quarters; the brothel guards are seized and those that are not cut down are taken away for interrogation.

'It's Raining Khal'Nayak! Halle- I mean, damn!'

'Well... that's nothing I ever expected to see. By Shaliq it was horrible! A troop of Khal'Nayak soldiers just rose into the sky on their flying broomsticks, then, when they were about sixty feet high or so, they just seemed to fall! They all fell to the ground, oh with such a horrific sound! It looked like they all died... well, all except that Captain Kayam fellow. For some reason, his broom seemed to have trouble getting off the ground. By the time he got five feet off the ground the others had begun to fall! Oh what a dreadful day for Shalazar! Oh, what a time for magic to fail us! Such a high price, we truly are forsaken!'

Nadir guards the throne room

After the clearing of the throne room, and for a large part of the month following, the demonic abomination, Nadir, guards the throne room in the absence of the Adversary. Any who come and show willingness to join in worship of the demon are permitted to enter, any who approach in malice or refuse to worship are attacked. The newly reformed Calipha's Bodyguard, led by Arkan al Fesk, valiantly charge the throne room, though they are beaten back by the winged monster.

Over the month about one hundred citizens come and swear fealty to the Adversary, though they meet hatred and anger if they dare try to walk free about the streets afterwards.

Necromancer attacks armies of the Caliphate

'What's that thing overhead...hang on...he's meant to be on our side...aaaargh....!'

[In a completely unprovoked attack of massive scale, a mighty necromancer, riding on a winged nightmare, descended upon the armies of the valiant General Ghazi, killing many and scattering the rest. What caused this preposterous act? We may never know. But one thing is clear: it is time for someone to deal with this prince of evil before it is too late for us all.

Armies of Caliphate destroy Jadeites outside the walls!

Though weakened by the treachery of Adsiz al Ash Kenz, and tired from a long march back home, the armies of the Caliphate nontheless managed to reach the city before the Jadaite scum, whereupon they found that a miracle had occured: the walls of Shalazar were back! Heartened by this, and refreshed within thir battlements, they met the exausted and increasingly desperated Jadaites underneath the old Eastern gate to the city and destroyed them utterly. No more shall the infidels of the Empire of Jade trouble the lands of the Caliphate, glory be to Shaliq!

influence chart

Standing is a measure of the relative strength of the Great Families of Shalazar. The Standing of a great family determines how useful it is to spend points of Influence on your actions each turn.

The Jerezad are feeling puissant, having regained both Elmiyah and Huzuz. Pity Huzuz is such a wreck, but I'm sure they have some brooms--unlike the Kal'Nayak.

The Bookwala on the one hand gave up a great city. On the other hand, that city's been such a liability before, no one really thinks that badly of them, and their generousity is admired.

The Yildun, having shown the green* of their bellies in spawning an exodus from the city, have lost some standing. Not as much, however, as...

The Hadar have plummeted in the estimation of their peers, as one member of the royal household has publicly sworn loyalty to the source of all evil in the universe. This is, oddly enough, incredibly bad PR.

The Fesk are doing well, as always.

*In Shalazar, yellow is a holy colour--green is the colour of cowardice.