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What ever happened to?

What follows is the known fate of notable personages of the Age of Wonders.

Al'Daquar (Hanbury Hampden-Turner)

The mighty wizard Al'Daquar vanished from civilized society shortly after the coronation of Calipha Rasheeda. Nothing has been seen of him since, and he has been convicted in absentia of dealing with demonic powers and sentenced to the fires of purification.

Prince Waleed (Stuart Jenkins)

Prince Waleed sat at the right hand of Calipha Rasheeda for 20 years. He begat upon her 2 daughters and a son, and wept with her at the untimely deaths of the first and second born. Sadly, before he could witness the birth of his third child, a petition from a village that had been molested by a skeletal dragon arrived a court. When no other stepped forward to defend them, he girded on the sword that won him the hand of his bride, and rode out to slay the beast. He never returned, and it is beleived that the sword and his bones lie mouldering in the dragon's lair. He is revered as an example of all a man can aspire to amongst the Yilden, and in his memory the Order of Kal'Nayak swear in all new members upon the aniversary of his death.

Nabeeha the Wise (Aileen Robertson)

The wizard Nabeeha rose to be one of the greatess and most respected wielders of the magic arts. For many years, she served as wizardly adviser to the council of elders, and even the most violently opposed to magic were forced to acknowledge that her thoughs, words and deeds were in all things pleasing to Shaliq. After 30 years of service, she retired to the walls of the invisible college, and rose to be Chancellor before her untimely death in a magical accident.

Faliq al'Ash-kenz (John Reynolds)

Faliq al'Ashkenz is revered by many astrologers as the Great Vision, the man who developed the simplified techniques by which astrology could be brought to all who required it. He himself turned away from his own techniques, and when the Ashkenz joined the new forming Bookwala house he became one of Emira Yamala's highest advisors. After his death, his body was stolen from its crypt, and a statue of him now stands in splendour in the Great Hall of the Order of Sacred and Illuminated Visionaries, the headquarters of the order of astrologers who follow his teachings.

Ishiguro (Xan Ophis)

The slave trader and kidnapper Ishiguro was torn apart by rats while fleeing from justice. It is widely beleived that he served the foul Rat God, and was slain for failing its unspeakable commandments. It is beleived that he was responsible for the kidnapping of Prince Tariq, but neither the man nor the a body were ever found.

Al'Ouph al'Ash-Kenz (Alastair Wilson)

Al'Ouph al'Ashkenz still lives, and still holds the title of Head Librarian of the family Bookwala. Sadly his mind has slipped in recent years, and while excellently clear on the location of books, he believes that the family Ashkenz are still independent.

Elder Salma al Izar (Becky Annison)

Living to a ripe old age of 72, Elder Salma was much loved by the people of Shalazar, and earned herself several entries in the Theopneustic tomes. A quiet but fierce opponent of the harsh scriptural interpretation of the Yildun, Elder Salma remained a vocal advocate of the downtrodden and misunderstood even after her adversaries achieved a majority on the Council of Elders. Her prominence as an elder remained even after the Izar had fallen upon hard times, and she is generally remembered as the last great light of her family.

Johanz al Ruchbah (CharlesMann)

Trusted servant of the House of Ruchbah, Johanz remained the loyal adviser of Emira Sousserah until the end of his days. A fierce opponent of necromancy and demonology, he was later accepted into the Invisible College. Well favoured by Grand Vizier Ali Kabar, it is known that Johanz was recommended as a replacement, but declined to leave his post. Shortly after his passing, Emira Sousserah disappeared from the city of Shalazar--some say that without him, the stress of governing was merely too much for her.

Ali Khabar Chris Rogers

No one really knows what happened to Ali Khabar, but that doesn't stop the world from telling stories about him. Alternately a murderer and a rogue, or a misunderstood and romantic lover, his wiry shape fits any mould required by the storyteller. Inevitably, however, he's always pictured as offering goods that aren't quite right...

Emira Sousserah al Ruchbah and Omar al Ruchbah (nee Hadar) (Frances Hardinge and Mark Booth)

The tragedy of Emira Sousserah her husband Omar (both deeply in love with each other, but he having sworn an oath to kill her) has become a romantic tale told often and immortalised in plays and poetry. The ending is well-known: after a twenty-four hour marriage, Omar al Ruchbah raised his sword at Sousserah so as to slay her, and her faithful djinn Bralluinen struck him down with one blow. She mourned as he died in her arms, his fingers clutching weakly at her throat, and thus was honour fulfilled. A statue was raised to Omar in the palaces of the Hadar, and young Hadar men in romantic trouble sometimes leave obsidian trinkets by his feet for luck.

Sousserah herself became the most beloved Emira of the Ruchbah in generations, known for being neither treacherous nor dishonest. (Many attributed this to her being brought up outside the family.) With her wealth, she founded the Hall of Many Tongues as a haunt for storytellers, where one may go at any time of day and be sure at least someone will be telling a story. She never remarried, but bore one daughter from her only husband Omar. While the infighting within the Ruchbah had weakened it to the point that they lost their status as a Great Family, they are still a minor house, and Yamha leads them to this day.

Old Man Bookwala (Arthur Boff)

The patriarch of the Bookwala family remained true to his lifestyle of adventure and feats of unwavering courage right up until the moment of his demise, when he bravely stepped forward to challenge the Obsidian General in a duel on the very day of the announcement of the winner of the Quest For Wonders. The wonder he presented to the Calipha, a huge map of the known world was rebuilt after its destruction and now stands proudly in beautiful parkland in the Bookwala quarter. A lifesize likeness of him now stands in the Hall of Many Tongues, a fitting tribute to such a prolific teller of all stories strange and fantastic.

Yamha al Bookwala (Natalie Watkins)

Following her marriage to Dun al Ash-Kenz, which proved to be most fruitful, Yamha founded the trading posts of the Jerezad in the jungles of Punt. Yamha was reknowned as a fair and kind Emira, who always acted wisely and oversaw the transition of the Bookwala family from minor branch of a Great Family to one in its own right. Yamha was tragically killed during a long and bloody confrontation when the Jerezad family tried to sieze the Bookwala coastal trading port in the Puntian jungle for its own.

Khalid Al-Ruchbah (Eli Meyer)

Khalid remained a companion to his recently found sister for several years before feeling the need to return to the Western Isles from which he came. Though a few speculate on the young warrior's fate, he has not been seen for many years, and what really has happened to him remains a mystery to this day.

Abdul al Hadar (Graham Hood)

The great and well-respected Grand Vizier sadly died on the very day the Quest of Wonders came to an end and he ascended to his position. His head exploded after consuming an explosive strawberry given to him by the villainous Majeed al Zaniah. His remains were buried in a grand ceremony in the gardens of the palace.

Mahjeed al Zaniah (Rich Piggot)

Soon after the end of the Quest of Wonders, Mahjeed was found guilty by the Council of Elders of the murder of the Grand Vizier Abdul al Hadar, and Elder Hikisha of the Council of Elders, by giving them explosive strawberries. He was beheaded with a sword and his remains given to his family for burial.

Salim al Izar (Jacob Malone)

Salim returned to his city-state of Al-Hadeen after the close of the Quest of Wonders. Upon his return he was greeted by a tremendous parade and a great celebration, which continued for three days and nights. Salim continued as Steward there for four more years before stepping down to wed a woman whom he had been courting for the previous year. The two had several years of happy and fruitful marriage. Both were killed when, while visiting old friends in Barminta, the city was destroyed in a large alchemical explosion. Both were buried in an Izar burial ground.

Draquim al Kaloran (Josh Fox)

Draquim was burnt at the stake when the Council of Elders found him guilty of murder and consorting with necromancers. His execution was famed for how long he actually took to die in the flames, his screams echoing around the courtyard for a good hour before his lungs and throat exploded and he finally died. The righteous rejoiced at the death of this foul corrupted being.

The Beggar King (Dan Hemmans)

A half-legendary figure who is talked about more as a myth than as a real man. Forty years ago a great granite table was set up under the cedar trees in the Square of Sighs which is known as the Court of the Beggar King. For several years it was kept stocked with delicious food and drink and those beggers and others who showed proper respect for the BeggarKing's office at and drank there at will. However, eventually this largesse stopped coming, and the table grew bare and dusty. It is said that the Beggar King still roams and spreads his kingdom ever wider, and that one day he will return and his Court will flourish once more.

Ahmed al Smarmy (Matt Nesbit)

Ahmed al Smarmy, or Uncle Ahmed, as he was known to his numerous friends and relations, lived to a ripe old age and died in the arms of his loving family. An industrious man, Uncle Ahmed was a significant factor in rise of the Fesk fortunes. With his knowledge of trade, his contacts in the Calipha's Court and those many in the Great Families who owed him favours, he was instrumental in the absorbtion of his friend Sousserah's family into the Fesk as the Rukhbah fell apart, and also responsible for steering his family away from the many pitfalls awaiting a young house that rises too far, too fast. He also managed to find the time to attract the attention of Alma al Fesk, a significant catch, and another rising star, and to have no less than six sons, and six daughters, and grand children too numerous to mention.

Thuban (Chris Venus)

Taken in the Calipha's Court from the streets at the age of 12, Thuban was trained as a poet. He became quite successful and had a brief season of success as a young man, in particular for his more adult themed odes. However, many years kater, when reciting for young Princess Amlatta, his poetry did not find favour, and he was thrown into prison, where, as far as anyone knows, he languishes to this day.

Yamala (Kavitha Kishen)

A legendary heroine, Yamala's name is still being talked of in the bazaar's and among carpet riders throughout Shalazar, as being one of the greatest mistresses of the skies there have ever been. Her reported exploits include stealing fire from the sun, and pearls from the Bone Dragon himself. No one knows what happened to her, it is said that she flew her carpet off the edge of the world one day and never returned, but the true tale remains a mystery.

Mother Oedeis (Caroline Pearson)

A women who had a secret in her past, Mother Oedeis stayed away from Shalazar for many years. When she finally returned as an old woman, she hoped that no-one would know her, but she hoped in vain. Elder Hikisha of the Council of Seven recognised her as the woman who had been sentenced to death for having knowledge of her husband and just before her tragic death Hikisha revealed it. Mother Oedeis was taken into custody and the sentence was carried out - she was stoned to death.