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The Heavens and the Astrological Significance of That Which is Found Therein

At the center of the universe is the Eternal Throne in the heart of the Grand Calipha's palace in the center of Shalazar. About it spread all the lands of the Calipha, and beyond them the wild hinterlands. And beyond all lands, past the walls of the world, are the heavens, where the planets ceaselessly revolve about the center of all things. And beyond the planets is the sphere of the eternal stars. What lies beyond the stars is beyond the ken of any woman, but the faithful believe that their souls fly beyond the stars and rejoin Shaliq where she watches over her creation.

The Calender of Shalazar

Each year has 361 days, and consists of nine months, each of about 40 days. Each month corresponds to one of the signs of the zodiac. Important dates are not fixed, they are instead determined each year by the chief astrologers of the Calipha.


The Planets

The Moon

The closest of the planets, the moon is the brightest object in the sky when the sun is below the horizon. To astrologers, the moon is one of the most important but also the hardest to read amongst the heavenly signs. It signifies the other side of things, the male aspect of a woman, and the end of a beginning.

The Sun

The source of all light, the sun revolves about the earth every 24 hours. The sun always rises due east of Shalazar, and sets due west, but its arc swings across the sky. When it swings to the north, the sun is chilled and winter cloaks the land, and when it swings to the south its furnace fires burn even brighter and the heat summer roasts the land. It signifies birth and creation, and those born under a conjunction of the sun and any other planet are born to a particularly powerful fate.

The Dawn Star

The first planet, its orbit is always close to the sun, and it shines most brightly at dawn and dusk. It is the hopeful sign, representing ambition and good-will.

Halla, the Blue Planet

Glowing in the night with a faint blue light, this is planet of the waters. It also signifies generousity and peace.

Nara, the Green Planet

The green light of this planet signifies growth and life, and is especially important to the growth of crops.

Chora, the Changing Planet

The changing planet is known as such because as it moves across the sky it changes hue from dark and firey red to clear and pristine white. It signifies conflict, change and cycles


The Stars of the Zodiac

The stars are fixed, and eternal, and the disk of the world rotates beneath them. The Zodiacal Constellations are the groups of stars level with the plane of the world. The one fixed star stands directly above the city, and it is called the perfect star, as it was the first thing created by Shaliq, and the only thing that is entirely without flaw. The constellations of the Zodiac are:

  • Kalar the Dragon, the sign of summer's end.
  • Wezu the Fish, the sign of the monsoon rains.
  • Orm the Camel, the sign of harvest.
  • Orod the Man in Chains, the sign of midwinter.
  • The Brazier, the sign of winter's end.
  • Nemu the Horse, the sign of spring growing.
  • The Sword, the sign of the time of war.
  • Arian the Woman in Flames, the sign of burning heat.
  • The Crown, the sign of midsummer.


The Stars