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The Court of the Calipha
Jolem al Kazak
(Josh Fox)
Jolem is the handsome and charming master of the Calipha's vinyards. He is better known, however, for his role as one of the Calipha's old bodyguards, who were recently disbanded. Famed as one of the mightiest and most skilled swordsmen in Shalazar, his blade is feared almost as much as his jokes.
Yasmina Bookwala
(Rebecca Annison)
Former alchemist to the Calipha's Guard. When they disbanded she took up a position as Head of the College of alchemy in the Alchemist's Guild.
Zahrah Bookwala
(Nicole Barnabee)
Head of the Alchemists Guild's College of Ignifice, and Royal Fireworker, Zahrah is known for her fantastic displays, brilliance in her field, and extreme eccentricity. She is Yasmina's twin sister.
Arkan al Fesk
(Jacob Malone)
The third ex-member of the Calipha's Bodyguard.
Ibrahm al-Akhnish
(Paul Conduit)
Assistant to the Royal Astrologer
Ghazi al'Altair
(Stuart Jenkins)
Ghazi Al'Altair is the most recently appointed of the Calipha's 24 generals. As such he commands one of the great legions of Shalazar, a force of thousands of warriors. Very much a career soldier, he spends much of his time with his army away from Shalazar, but returns as required for court functions and is eay to contact when in the field. An intelligent and charismatic leader, originally from the great family of the Jerezad, and newly appointed to the court.
The Bountiful Family of the Jerezad
Sahmid al Jerezad
(Ben Mann)
High ranking, rich and capable Jerezad trader, with some interests in Puntish slavery.
Imzenzi al Jerezad
(Mark Baillie)
Imzenzi Jerezad has recently re-settled in the city of Shalazar after many years travelling with caravans, amassing both wealth and trading power, but having failed to find proof of the survival of his wife, whom he lost in an attack on a caravan she was travelling with. His son still runs the trade caravans when he himself is staying in the city, though he still spends a lot of time on the road, more comfortable with other traders than with the social gatherings which he has now begun to attend in accordance with his position within the great family.
The Adventurous House of the Bookwala
Ala'q al Bookwala
(John Reynolds)
Ala'q al Bookwala is the assistant to teh Sorcer and Astrologer A'nand al Bookwala.
Adsiz Al Ash-Kenz
(Daniel Hemmens)
Scholar-general of the armies of the city of Amarat, representative of the Steward. Initiate of the Visible College.
Rabbani al Bookwala
(Mark Booth)
Rabbani is a thin man, thin in body and some say, soul. Many are unsure of what to make of him even though he is well respected. He is known in the Invisible College for his unmatched knowledge of the Djinn and his consummate skill with their command and binding. He was appointed as a court advisor on Djinn affairs recently and is known to locate and bind Djinn for a price.
The Mighty Family of the Hadar
(Frances Hardinge)
Melinka belongs to a minor branch of the Hadar, but has risen to renoun through her skill as a professional matchmaker, and as a tutor in charm and court etiquette. She is ubiquitous, tireless and notoriously well-informed.
The Devout Family of the Yildun
al Kayam
(Richard Pigott)
Kayam is an imposing, striking figure. Quite literally in fact - he strides through the streets of the city, striking heretics. He has lived in Shalazar for several years and is a powerful captain of the order of Kal'Nayak. Occasionaly those who meet him comment on his ludicrous moustache, but they never last very long afterwards. INFIDELS!
Captain Reuben Hasta
(Nick Wrightson)
Your heart pounds as the stranger's zealous gaze comes to rest on you. Can he sense your thoughts, you wonder? It isn't difficult to match this man with his reputation. The bleakness of his stare belies a mind comprehending only two truths - purity, and guilt. His wiry fighter's frame and the fingers drumming irritably on his sword hilt remind you of the price of being judged the latter. Captain Hasta, prodigy of the Order of Kal'Nayak, is famed throughout Shalazar and the lands of the Yilden for ceaselessly wielding the cleansing fire of righteous retribution. To his enemies, he is known to be a tireless, fearless and supremely creative opponent.
The Generous Family of the Fesk
Atiya al Fesk
(Aileen Robertson)
An assistant to a reputable alchemist in the Fesk family
Saleem al Fesk
(Matt Nesbit)
A strikingly handsome and polite man, ubiquitously present at any, and all, society gatherings. Typically seen talking in an earnest fashion to one of his many female 'friends'. Occasionally, he can be found at his small shop, covered in soot and grease, entertaining the crowd with his mechanical contrivances. Regarded by most as a light-headed fool, and slandered by others as a frivolous gigolo.
Samir al Fesk
(Xan Ophis)
Samir is a tough and agile lad of seventeen, and a member of the Honourable Company of Messagers. A minor son of a minor branch of the Fesk, he spends most of his time carrying messages or running errands for his superiors within the House.
The Invisible College
The Visible College
The Alchemists Guild
(Laura Campbell)
Guildmaster of the Alchemist's Guild. An orphan, unaligned to any of the Great Families, but famed for her scholarship, in particular her talent for cloudweaving. A reserved, somewhat enigmatic yet quietly charismatic woman. ...or rewrite as you feel the need.
Mages Outside the Great Families
Foreigners, Outcasts, and Those of No Lineage
A rather thuggish sort from the seediest part of town - supposedly a "street acrobat", which makes him the best-armed street acrobat Shalazar has ever seen. Represents the Djinn of the Water at meetings: this is generally seen as a rather off-colour example of the Djinni sense of humour.
Asuki Ashimori
(Neil Young)
Asuki has been ambassador for some while, he is tall for a Jadite at five foot eight inches. He tends to wear the colours of his clan, Black, Red and Blue. He has a extravagent entourage with servants, priests, concubines and warriors. He seems an earnest person and simply wishes to serve his Emperor, amongst other things he has said he wishes to learn from his experiances in Shalazar. He does, like most jadites, however worship his "revered ancestors" and as such is a heathen.
Kyree Tao-Ying
(Eleanor Smith)
Mage and representative of a dragon of the Jade Empire.