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The age of wonders is over...

"Rasheeda reigned for forty years after Waleed al Din won the contest of Adara the Glorious, securing both her hand and her place on the throne. For a while, Shalazar was still basked in the glow of the Age of Wonders...

It is perhaps unwise for an old man such as myself to put matters such as these to paper, but I wonder if Shaiq (praise be to Her name) has not been testing us in the years since Rashida took the throne. Sometimes I think that Shalazar is different, and I pray that the young Amlatta, as she ascends to take her mother's place as Calipha, will set things to rights. And sometimes I think this is merely the ramblings of a decrepit old historian, blaming the world for being joyless in the years since my Yamha passed away..."

--The Histories of Dun al Bookwala, deceased

Shalazar is the society game of the Oxford University Role Playing Game Society for 2002/2003. It is set in a world derived in part from the stories of Arabian nights, and full of Djinn, wizards, grand viziers, magic lamps, golden rings, flying carpets, dragons and other mystical beasties, enormous empires and desolate wastelands. Unlike the Arabia of our world, however, the Empire of Shalazar is ruled by women: a Calipha sits upon her golden throne, and each of the eight great families has an Emira at its head.

Shalazar is the a weekly live-action role-playing game, played over three terms starting in Trinity 2002. If you are new to roleplaying, or new to the Oxford University RPGSoc, it is a good place to start playing, meet other roleplayers, and have a really good Tuesday evening. Gathering of Storms is the second chapter of the story, following on after Age of Wonders, but don't worry if you didn't play in the first game: forty years have passed, it's a different world, and you won't be at a disadvantage.

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Revision History

  • 13 October, 2002: New site complete, including final news from Age of Wonders, pregame news items, and Shalazar Forums (a discussion board).
  • 1 September, 2002: Old site archived, and the Gathering of Storms teaser launched. Most of History and Society and Culture sections launched.